Louis Theroux: Docs That Made Me

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Documentary fans are in for a treat as renowned documentarian Louis Theroux dived into the BBC Archives and selected his favourite documentaries. Each of them had an impact on Louis. They cover a range of styles - some vérité-driven, others told more through interview - but in all of them you see life at its most raw, its most strange and therefore its most human. In Louis Theroux: Docs That Made Me Louis explains why he chose the documentaries and how they have inspired his work.


Philip and His Seven Wives

by Marc Isaacs

Life and Death Row


Between Life and Death

by Nick Holt

An Honest Liar

by Justin Weinstein, Tyler Measom

Fourteen Days in May

by Paul Hamann

Philip and His Seven Wives

Philip and His Seven Wives (2006) a film made for the BBC’s prestigious Storyville strand, tells the intriguing story of a former messianic rabbi who believes that he communicates directly with God. Isaacs’ captivating and intimate documentary is a portrait of this unconventional family whose lives revolve around faith and obedience to the head of the household.

A documentary that looks at the unconventional religious family. A fascinating insight into peculiar religious behaviour, what drives him and what's driving the women who are involved with him.

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